More often than not, we get mad at things that do not really matter. You know, getting stepped on, not beating your opponent in something, maybe performing below average or whatever makes you upset .

At this point in my life is when I am learning “patience”, you know understanding what it actually means to wait. Mehn! I can’t believe it,I am one impatient soul. So much happening at once . I was watching a video on YouTube the other day, I never realised how much my impatience was toxic. Until it hit me, that’s why our fingerprints are different. This is to mean that things won’t happen the same time for everyone of us.

You know this pressure of my age mates are doing so well and I have no a thing to show for it. It’s crazy. I mean the pressure to be where your age mates are at or do something way better than what they are doing. Slow down,  I understand this pressure gets crazy when you are thirty and so on. (Haha I don’t want to grow old) My oh my, the impatience? The rush? The petrifying encounters? The crazy ass sleepless nights! But hey! You  don’t need to compare yourself with anyone. That is  why there’s only one of you.

My point is: Just know you are exactly where God wants you to be. I have said this before no? YES it means exactly that.  No rush, do not be petrified by the situation you are in. It will get brighter. I know that this is pressing, but as you read this, be encouraged that your time is coming. Might take ages, but the tunnel is not always dark. When you reach the end there’s always a Light that is bright for days .

These encounters, rather this stage is serendipitous. It is amazing how throughout this journey you will learn how to be humble, how to actually be patient and stay patient. How you will do things way out of what you went to college for. Haha I seat back and look at that campus life and wish I was wiser. (I was in my teen years, can I justify with that?haha )You will also learn to be gutsy. You will learn to be focused towards a goal, learn how to be happy, you will learn practising pro activity,  You may also learn that gabbing is the worst thing that has ever or will ever happen to you.

Don’t worry, be happy!




IMG_20160726_191635_371-2-2Hey guys!

Mehn oh menh! I missed you so much, you have no idea!

Where are the cute ladies at? Lol! Everyone is cute. Don’t get me wrong. So lets dive in to the business that got me writing.

I recently finished College, yeah it’s been a couple of months now. If you are a Kenyan, you know what finishing college means(looking for a job). Lucky  you if you have godfathers and so on coz you get your easy way out.

Now, I have never been told no, ever in my life. I mean this in every way possible. You know from my mother raising me, to my teachers in primary through to college and most of all the friends I have made and dropped over the years .I know no,No in my life.

So here comes the beginning of the year, I’m geared up for the year with my resolutions and all the skills and resources I may require to keep me going. I love photography,I love how creative you can get with the subjects in your disposal. Let’s leave that aside coz I could go on and on about photography. Well back to the begging of the year up to now. So I wrote E-mails after E-mails after my contract expired in One of those amazing places you’d wanna work at. So I wrote E-mails applying for jobs and business proposals as well to top it up.

I have never been so frustrated. No replies nothing, nothing at all. Although I have been applying I did few other stuff to get money. I have bills to pay you know. No E-mail has been replied until now! From January that is.

I have never seen anything like this in my entire life, ever. I was used to “Hello Diana, thank you for applying for the position of so and so we are glad to invite you for an interview” and later on I could get called for the job. Now even the delivery mail doesn’t tell me if my E-mail was received. Haha isn’t that ridiculous?

I never thought at anytime job searching would be a thing. I mean I was used to getting called and qualifying for every job I applied. I knew no No in my life until, now. I didn’t take it any lightly I promise you. Waking up in the morning doing more than ten E-mails applying for positions in organisations that I even don’t know they are close to where I am or in the continent I live in.

Besides sending E-mails and proposals. I have people around me who I go to when I need something, people I trust with my life, people I would take a bullet for. I requested one of them to assist me in something I was doing. This dear one said NO. They were my last hope coz I was getting so many NOs and at some point I thought my life was over. You know, I’m used to the easy way out. I ask and receive, nothing more nothing less. Here I am, not a single Yes to save my ass from my mystery. It wasn’t funny. The NOs went on and on. But, here I am. Alive and kicking. My life is not over like I thought! If anything things are looking up for me. I thank God for it.

So with all this happening I was able to learn a few lessons. They say “Kuishi kwingi kuona mengi” I’m only 23 (only) and trust me I know what that means. What I’m saying is if you are used to slot of YES’s and you get to hear no NOs it’s not the end of you. Do not give up. If anything learn from every NO and be positive about it. I almost got depressed because of overthinking. The pain was excruciating, I didn’t believe it.


I learnt that;

  • Every dog has its day.
  • Never take anything for granted.(at all)
  • You are exactly where God wants you to be.
  • Never compare yourself with anyone.

I know they sound cliche but trust me you won’t realise how meaningful they are until you experience what I went through. To anyone who has been in my shoes do not despair and the world doesn’t hate you. You are exactly where God wants you to be.

Now, If you always had Yes in your life life I have, what was it like to be told no, for the first time? If you’be had Nos and you got your yes’s what was it like? Let’s share this post,let’s interact let’s encourage someone out there.


Dear my 20’s

I am a 22 year old Female. Yes, now you are probably thinking “and what can you say about 20s you are barely half way through!” Well here’s the deal young lady/ young man.

I have read a million articles and watched a million vlogs people talking about the mistakes they did when they were in their 20’s. These are actually successful people, i don’t want to mention names but, truth is they have made it! Even though they did those mistakes when they were 20. You are probably wondering what these mistakes i keep talking about are. Well, these mistakes are financial mistakes. Just to point out;

  • Buying junk stuff.
  • Spending more than what comes in.
  • Sometimes even going to an extent of borrowing or applying for loans from your mobile apps. You know which ones.

Yes! Those are the mistakes i was talking about. You probably have either of the three problems above. Shockingly, my problem was among the three. Haha you can try figuring out what it is. Moving on, the main reason for writing this blog was to help you not make those mistakes that our ‘mentors’ made. Now imagine what would have happened if they didn’t make such mistakes and they have still made it!

Bottomline, learn to manage your finances. I  am a strong believer in reading and this is where i get to learn tips on how to handle my finances among other things. I don’t mean to say that you need to start working or rob a bank so that you are able to have funds to manage. Take chill pills , i got you. So, here are some tips that helped me get through this.

  • Have a budget- this helps you allocate funds to the various activities that you need funded. In this case, not just anything. Identify your wants and your needs, then from there you will know what your priorities are. Discipline yourself so that you are able to stick to your budget. Here’s how, for example, what happens when you see a cute guy along the streets? do you squirm and stare at him? do you ogle and start fantasying funny things?  well, this is what i say, (this might sound mean, but it makes sense to me) “his poop stinks so he is not special”, and i move on. so basically thats the same thing i do to my wants and needs.
  •  Practise self control- this is pretty much close to the first one, basically this means teaching yourself how to stick to your budget so that you do not end up with a million handbags that you don’t use or shoes, or make up kit, or anything else that you buy in junk. Lol, i know i have a lot of shoes i don’t wear.

This is real guys it works i have tried it and trust me i’m impressed at how disciplined i can get. Just put yourself to it.


It’s never the same when you discover your inner being.

Do not be discouraged.

Pray about your fears.

Believe in positive energy (good vibes)

Understand what you want and who you are.

Be your own motivation.

Have goals.


Oh My world! So sorry i haven’t been able to post something this year. Well, happy belated new year once again. I hope its not too late to ask if you have yourself set for 2017. 20 days of 2017 are gone! What have you done with your sweet self ? As for me i have resolutions for 2017. I am dreaming big and i know by the time the year ends I’ll have checked all my resolution boxes. It doesn’t mean that am guaranteed all of them will be checked. But hey, if am not determined to have them checked, then how else will i make it?

You are probably sited there, thinking 20days of 2017 are gone, i haven’t done anything for myself. I know that a portion of Kenya’s population finished their undergraduate program in the University(whichever you went to), of course the form ones are in school with this Matiang’i era lol! Some graduated high school and are to report to their various Universities some time this year. This is not the same thing that happened to nearly half of Kenya’s population. There are those who are getting this feeling…you know when you are in a movie theater and everyone is laughing yet you cant get the joke? That time you look at where you want to go and you are thinking, what now????

Good news is that, you are different your story is not like anyone elses. Yeah, i understand this is the cliche, you are your own version. Truth is YOU ARE YOUR OWN VERSION, you haven’t discovered yet but you will, keep digging in and find your puporse. So stop getting up and thinking , mehn what do i do now. Great people our time (in this case your mentors) they made it because they had ideas that they put to practice. The most relevant example would be the former president of the United States Barack Obama. He started with, YES WE CAN! When he was vying for US president seat.He actually believed it and he made it. Imagine a situation where by he just got contented with his senator position and said “am fine” and stopped dreaming big. Instead he wanted change and to make an impact to the society, should i say the world? We all felt an impact. A black American president? who would have thought? (Farewell MR PRESIDENT)

what am saying is, don’t feel like your idea is too little to make an impact. The world doesn’t have to feel it, let those who matters to you feel it first, then with time the rest of us will feel the rain unlike just getting wet. At the end of the day Charity begins at home.


Truth is,  you never know.

I have been up and down chasing love, money and satisfaction of life. Well this sounds insane coz a number of you are probably thinking, ‘how old are you?’ But yeah truth of the matter is I have seen it all. What’s not yet so clear is my purpose. Although I feel like I have lived the better part of my youth I feel like I haven’t lived yet. I have goals dreams, ambitions that I don’t even know if I’ll make it but am still breathing, this is one reason that does not stop me from getting or going for what I want.

Yes, am still breathing and it annoys me that many are the times I feel like that I need to make a mistake to learn from it. Well sometimes I learn sometimes I feel so stupid about it. But this is how you develop a thick skin and sort of camouflage from the dangers and the troubles am  likely to meet. But this is what works for me.

I remember those times that I sit on my bed after a really long day, its either a fruitful or a stressful day that makes most of my weeks, months and maybe years. This is not to mean I never have good days, trust me I know  a good day when I see it in the morning. But yeah I listen to Sia after those sick hectic days and thinking, yes Sia! This is exactly what I need, you know from, am surrendering black and blue, am alive, I can make you breathe if come along with me. Jeez! Sia’s fans say Ay! haha don’t lose yourself focus. We are still breathing.

I haven’t forgotten that I am still breathing. At this point of my life, fire has just met gasoline and yeah, and  its buuurrrrrrnnniiiinnnnnng. That don’t stop me from picking a blanket or sand to  put off the fire, am still breathing remember? Camouflage!



I have had this time and time again. yes! Its growing up. lots of people around you, may have or may have been using this two words sarcastically or in any other way. Scratch that! How many of us know why we grow up? well, just like you, am just “growing up” , truth is I have no idea why, but I must agree growing up is way too much work. For instance I hate when I need to wake up and read a book or work out or stick to the right foods for the sake of my health or attend lectures. You know those times you wake up and think, “do I really need that B.A in communication?” haha, I just prefer not to grow up. You know those days when we could play “kati”, “blada” and play “raunda” with all the happiness and enthusiasm way back when.  Gosh I miss those days.

Well, it is sad that I’m no longer that little girl. When you grow up you need to be responsible. By responsible I mean you need to be a good example for your siblings, you need to do everything to please your parents, you need to always look descent wherever you go, you need to date the right people as well as associating with those in the same mission with you. The sad story is, it doesn’t always happen like we plan, we make mistake and end up being irresponsible, we screw it up, and they call us confused and irrelevant. We are human, we make mistakes.

Truth is, growing up is a lot of work, but its an interesting adventure. Everyday becomes a day to learn new stuf, make new friends, create better networks and also not only grow up, but also grow as a person. Do not be afraid of reaching for your dreams.(I know this is a cliché,but then it makes a lot of sense to me). Let’s grow refuse to just grow up.




There is always something to learn each day. My passion for photography never stopped me from learning anything. So am venturing into editing photos. Sometimes you can take a photo and it hasn’t really brought out what you want.  therefore i decided to learn how to edit the photos i take. It is really easy to go play around with the settings to bring out the beauty or elements of art in the photo. here’s a photo i look yestarday.  You can always learn what to do with different filters and colors. I love black and white be


cause it is the one that appeals to my eyes. Just find out what filters work for you and you will be good to go! You never stop learning.


I am a believer of passion. Recently i discovered that my passion is for photography. it is important that one identifies the strengths and weakness that make or break you as a person. At the end of the day we all want to make the best out of ourselves. however my passion for photography does not stop there. i have and interesting program coming up. i am partnering with Filamu Juani. its is a production house that allows young people to come and share their stories in different ways either through videos or photography. i need photographers to help me tell stories through their art. come join me in this initiative and lets make people understand that photography is not a shady proffesion.

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